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Why choose copper wire for cable wire core?

by:Richupon      2020-10-25
Everyone is the commonly used mobile phone cable metal copper as a conductor wire core, not only the data line, we see in daily life most of the power supply wire is copper conductor. Why choose copper wire for cable phone cable wire core? Because all copper conductive material is the most suitable conductor materials.
the cause of copper wire is chosen as the cable conductor is:
1, the conductivity of copper core cable, metal conductive material was ranked no. 2 in
2, good performance of thermal conductivity of copper core cable, metal thermal conductivity materials was ranked no. 2 in
3, copper core cable has good extensibility, flexibility, strong
4, the mechanical properties of copper core cable is very good, more durable, can be recycled.
5, the price of copper material is much cheaper.
contrast all the characteristics of the known metal materials, copper not only excellent performance, and the price is very cheap, so the copper wire as the metal conductor cable is most appropriate. Our macro hao of the basic are based on copper cable cable factory is given priority to, of course, data cable core material is also useful to other materials, but data line is usually copper as a material for cable.
points to pay attention to when using cable
will often see a lot of net friend on the Internet is like what he said he used the cable is broken, not broken skin is what line is broken, and so on. There are many factors that can cause such, such as sell fake inferior data line, product quality is on the other hand, people usually use habit, bad habits will shorten the service life of the cable. Deposit shall not be when and so on will affect the service life of the cable.
we normally without using the collection to be stored in the right place, be careful not to overly, folding and bending cable natural best. Although the placeholder is bigger, it looks will not affect beautiful, because the basic materials of the data line is composed of plastic and aluminum foil shield, folding and bending over a long period of time can cause cable outer plastic and aluminum foil layer is damaged, can shorten the service life of the cable.
we use cable don't tugging and pulling too strongly. In the connector pull off from the adapter, computer, mobile phone, please hold joint or so small in the future, don't directly pulling cable line, and prevent the wire rod and bad joints, fracture.
cable when not in use and well protected against dampness and dustproof. Do not put in wet or dusty places, because port is metal structure of the data cable, and susceptible to oxidation of the water and dust, maintain undeserved can cause water and dust into the port, and directly lead to cable short circuit or not work properly.
cable should pay attention to avoid close to the intense heat, because the skin of the data cable is plastic, if close to the intense heat will cause heat bilges cold shrink, for a long time more than the high temperature stimulation can lead to the number of wire damage, broken skin, aging rupture. So we usually use cable to have a good habit, it can increase the service life of our cable.

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