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Why apple data line not only expensive but also easy to damage? Because MFI chips

by:Richupon      2020-11-07

apple phone though is not our native products in the domestic sales have been good, with its unique iOS got a lot of people chase after hold in both hands. After all iOS fluency than android. Apple mobile phone has a big characteristic is the high prices, apple's expensive is not only a electronic product, even higher than android on a lot of accessories, for quite a few people buy apple products, apple data line is they have to carry a pain. , after all, compared with the traditional android cable iphone cable, thin, soft and easy to bad, as long as you use after a period of time, data show that will turn black affect beautiful, and even a possible charge head broken skin, etc.

cable must be using the original better than normal, so the user must be more willing to buy original cable. But the price of apple data line is not a few money can, official flagship store price is 149 yuan, the price for cable is too exaggerated. Many users are looking away for this price, even if his phone cable fault happens, many people will not choose to buy a piece of original, mostly to choose alternatives. Why the apple cable price is so expensive, not friendly? In fact, if the price of the cable can match and its quality, the price high is also understandable. But using apple data cable user response this cable, it won't be long before you will appear different degrees of damage, unavoidably will want to buy a replacement at this time, but the online prices also has a lot of steps.

if you want to buy a piece of original data, then the price expensive is yes, the apple cable price is in 100 yuan above got MFI certification is mainly due to the official data line. The logo is an apple accessories manufacturers give permission to outsourcing. Want to get this logo is not easy, need layers of review. And even if the component supplier review application is submitted in accordance with the process, after review the pass rate of 2%.

what do you think get MFI certification will be over? After verified cable also must be installed inside the apple original chip, after the root cable can be sold on the market, in this process is to be able to consume large amounts of resources. An official chip and apple cable price will need to reach us $3, just the price of a chip is higher than the price on the market a lot of cable, so the price is too low on the market also boasts authentic apple data line estimation is the price of the real thing is unlikely. With added together, apple cable price is higher is for sure.

apple data line for much of the higher we already know, so why apple data line quality is not? Beautiful part of the reason is that the company to the joint installed a rubber sleeve, and it does not use PVC material for protecting environment and use the TPE rubber ( Safe non-toxic) Do the insulating layer. So the charger touch up is thin, soft. So apple data line may not have the general cable so durable. Are you watching this article has been clear why the apple data line and your quality is not good? Everyone still use original data line charge better, after all, the original cable for mobile phone battery the damage will be smaller.

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