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What's the difference between a USB cable and charge line?

by:Richupon      2020-06-26
I went to go with mobile phone USB cable but the staff said that only can match to the USB was appliances (straight Is modified to come over) Can't with he said USB cable charger line and data line is not the same, he can't accept the wrong maybe burn out mobile phone charging line 'and' data cable 'the difference between charging line can't transfer data, and data cable can transmit data. Look the difference between charging line carefully in the cable. ( Because data including four wires, and only two charging line) Generally we are using a USB cable and charging line interface generally has four wires. Charging is the power of the VCC line used &gnd these two line, and the cable is used VCC, GND, and two telecommunication lines. Data on the USB interface with line, there are four lines, and the power cord in the USB line that has two lines, so the cable can be when the power cord, and the power cord cannot be used as a data line. The inside of the cable line is very fine, different line resistance is different, is not the same as the current size, large current charging fast, vice is slow. General original charger ran fast, repair shop buy less known and inferior brand inside, the inside copper wire is very thin, charging is slow. Mobile phone data line connection mode of the red line: positive ( Connection are identified as: + 5 v or VCC) White lines: negative voltage cable ( Are identified as: Data - Or USB Port ) The green line: positive voltage cable ( Are identified as: Data + +) or USB Port Black: grounding ( Are identified as: GROUND or GND) The connection mode of mobile phone charging line red line: positive ( Connection are identified as: + 5 v or VCC) Black: grounding ( Are identified as: GROUND or GND) ( A) Purposes: the difference between a USB cable is used as cell phones and computers directly bridge of data transmission, charging line is used for charging. On the purpose using the USB cable can be used as a charging line, but the charging line is unable to connect mobile phone and computer is used as the data transmission function. ( 2) Constitute the difference: usually our cable and is done with USB charging line, there are usually four wires, charging line in the form may only exist in the power of VCC &gnd these two line, and the cable is used VCC, GND, and two telecommunication lines. Because of the difference on the composition differences has lead to its function. ( 3) Appearance: the difference between the USB port have contact on that side, scrutinize the contact number inside the USB port, only two contact for charging line, there are four contact plate for the cable, but there are some 'dirty' producers to disrupt the eyes and ears, deliberately made four contact plate and the internal is only 2 and line ( The power line VCC &gnd) 。 USB cable, extended data on the internal composition contains: the VCC power supply line, GND line, two line, and remove the two line for charging line. Through open thrum, pick out the internal wire can be subdivided. Normally VCC power supply line in red, black for the grounding GND line, and the communications line normal to distinguish between green and white. Method of identification is still charging line cable: can be read through the access to the computer and see whether the normal data, can is the data cable, conversely for charging line. Or the number of contact can through the USB port, but this also suggests that some 'dirty' businessman will give false hide. Therefore, the most practical method or directly connected to the computer.
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