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What is the function of USB cable with metal mesh grid

by:Richupon      2020-06-24
I wonder if you ever found that some USB cable is a belt with metal mesh grid, and some are not bring, so have the USB cable metal mesh grid have what effect? Discuss below: but a good USB cable is not only the conductor inside, also have metal mesh grid, the role of it and see clearly, is a better magnetic interference shielding effect, ensure the data transmission of anti-jamming, but also greatly enhance the resistance of the data line drawing performance. 'd better have a layer of aluminum foil shield, to the double layer shielding technology, can protect the wire will not damage easily, guarantee the life span of the data cable use, at the same time also can ensure the stability of signal transmission. Some good quality of the data line will filled with cotton or other fillers, to enhance ability to resist breaking.
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