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What is the distinguishing feature of the USB interface TYPE C?

by:Richupon      2020-08-14
In the product continuously updated market, as a company specializing in the production of cable for 13 years, for the new USB interface TYPE C, has an insight into the, the following let's take a look at what is the distinguishing feature of it: 1. Transmission speed, maximum data transfer rate of 10 gbit/s, is also a USB 3. The standard of 1. 2. Positive and negative plug: support from both sides can insert insert 'and' function, can withstand repeated 10000 times plug. 3. Equipped with Type C cable connector Type C standard specification by 3 a current, is also supported beyond existing USB power supply capacity of the USB PD, can provide the maximum power of 100 w. 4. Support the three sections of voltage output: 5 v, 12 v, 20 v. 5. Quick charge: USB Power Delivery technology, cable support section 3 a, interface 5 a current, can be used in the digital product quick charge. 6. Long thin: port 0. 83 centimeters, width of 0. 26 cm. Old USB port 1. 4 cm, width of 0. 65 cm is out of date. This also means that the Type C the end of the cable is the standard USB - A third of the type A cable plug size. 7. USB port, bidirectional power transfer: the old power can only be one-way transmission, USB - C port of the power transmission is a two-way, which means that it can have two types of sending power. So, the user can not only use a notebook for mobile devices, also can use other equipment or mobile power supply for notebook batteries.
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