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What is the cause of the mixed into the cable price?

by:Richupon      2020-11-10

in the process of purchase data you will find that the price of the cable is different, so what was the reason for the appear this kind of circumstance? Take you know about the usb cable manufacturer.

the first, the thickness of copper conductor

android cable manufacturer said the main core is composed of a copper wire cable conductor, effective conduction of constant current charging to mobile phones; so charging speed speed is closely related with the thickness of copper conductors, and can have great influence effect, so the copper conductors are the key factors influencing the price of cable, use the high quality of pure copper conductor is relatively expensive and transmitting electrical energy is strong.

the second, a rubber quality

external data cable is wrapped in a layer of glue not only play a good insulation effect, and can effectively protect the whole life of the cable. Android cable manufacturers say the high quality rubber rubber not only is pure and good softness, not in use process found stiff or wear-resisting easy to fracture phenomenon. And sub well not only can let the user more convenient charging use can also more resistant to fold the wear-resisting.

the third, the quality of the port

it is well known on both ends of the cable will be connected to the different equipment related port, android cable manufacturer said it will also directly affect the price of the data cable, different port have different contact ability is not the same as the performance and durability performance, can determine the life of the data on the use of performance, therefore must understand when choosing data cable two pull plug resistance ability of the port.

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