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What are TYPE C cable using advantage?

by:Richupon      2020-10-27
On TYPE C cable, we from the unfamiliar to understand, now listen too much heard about it, I saw the article mostly are touting what interests, such as the TYPE C cable can be both positive and negative, double-sided pluggable, charging and fast, and so on a series of interests. TYPE C cable according to the data cable before the more clutter in the structure, demand more and more rigorous electrical design and solid materials. As a new TYPE C cable between electronic devices may be electronic devices and power supply, the linker between the links of material selection is very important, if use the defect wire link, will lead to an unstable charging time extension, data transmission, cracking and other dangerous, and even there may lead to electronic equipment scrapped might explode, and so on and so forth. 类型, C launch also has for more than a year, we really understand it's main strength?

TYPE C cable's advantage lies in its support of the electric current is higher, is at the same time the use of the TYPE C will be more after the current, thereby to accelerate the speed of charging equipment. Now most of the TYPE C cable charging current is 2 a, if want to reach 3 a in charge rate to match the demand of high current wall charger. That is to say, if the wall charger only support 1 a, whether it's with 2 a is still 3 a cable for charging, is essentially no difference; If the wall charger is supported by the current 2 a, deserve to go up again 2 a / 3 a TYPE C cable, its role can have significant changes.

TPE cable benefits
1. Processing function is excellent, good pigmentability &thickenabilty, soft tactility, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance;

2。 Non-toxic, no smell, not cause any impact to human skin;

3。 Revolving can use to reduce costs.

and it also has the function of two-way charging, carrying Type - Equipment can pass Type - C interface C line link mobile charging power supply, the user does not demand carry charging line, has a wall charger and Type C line. In addition, in choosing the Type - C charging time of the data line, and to the point be careful current limit, 1 a charging cable does not have quick charge function, 2 a) is the use of more extensive Type 3 a, C charging cable is now better data cable, if want to have quick charging effect, must choose to take 3 a Type of electric current C charging cable.
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