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What are the qualifications regular cable manufacturer?

by:Richupon      2020-07-17
What are the qualifications you know normal cable manufacturers? Only a few small workshops is? Or even do trade company? These are not, many of these companies are now masquerading as cable manufacturers, many customers are fooled by these fake companies and small workshops, actually the regular cable manufacturer is this: a, trade or factory: I personally think that manufacturers do not need to worry, there is a physical location, cooperation period appear quality problem, can help to guide; If it is a trade company said disappeared disappeared, who can guarantee that after a period of time also can find him, or to find him, don't do this line data line already. ( Cable this line when professional is too high, a lot of people insist on not down) 。 Second, the scale of the factory: manufacturers have their own research and development team, the workshop, the machine equipment, general cable model at least keep more than 80%, general won't be out of stock, the total inventory sufficient, has the perfect test equipment and personnel. Three, professional degree: the product is given priority to with cable? Cooperation customer feedback? Credibility? Before cooperation, I also can ask some questions to test whether the other party to the understanding of the data line. Also can have a look at each other in the data cable dry for long, generally more than 2 years can be at ease, should have a certain research and development ability. Four, the product quality: whether to have professional inspection personnel, whether through the ISO, whether to have professional testing machine and so on, of course, these generally for many years, has certain experience and level. Five, the after-sale technologies and services: whether the manufacturer can provide you with technical advice, whether there is cable BBS for industry personnel exchanges, whether in the industry have a certain reputation, this is all of the factors. Above, is a regular cable manufacturers must have conditions, hope is helpful to find cable manufacturers.
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