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What are the lack of Type C cable?

by:Richupon      2020-07-02
Said to Type C cable believes everyone not unfamiliar, a lot of people are already using it, even the first sense that gives a person is to use 'convenient, fast' and so on, the advantage of the most intuitive is to make you completely get rid of the trouble plug wire, no longer appear after inserted or failures caused by the wrong parts damage, and can be by 3 a current, can achieve the effect of quick charge. What are the problems with but no one thought of it? It must not, in fact the Type C cable still exist some shortage of place. See the lack of places: the advantage of Type C cable is very obvious, but the present stage is still in a transition stage, currently on the market use most of the mobile phones and related accessories are also not fully upgraded, thus using the Type C at this stage there will be some trouble. 1, although it can with USB2. 0 standards compliant, but users need to purchase additional adapter can complete compatibility; 2, the support Type C interface of mobile phone is not much, if not bring out the standard cable, want to charge only use tieline or transfer interface; 3, now on the market to sell and in the use of charging treasure most of them are the micro USB interface, wants to use treasure for Type C cell phone battery have to use the connector; 4, the many mobile phone only support USB 2. 0 standards, but the Type C interface needs to support USB 3. 1 standard can play it in the fast transmission and fast advantages.
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