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What are the different USB charging line and data line?

by:Richupon      2020-06-27
Believe that everyone in to buy mobile phones, the standard will have a data cable, cable can be used when charging line, which we all know, that we all think that most of the time line is charging cable, but it's not. Below small make up to you to introduce! ! ! ! Because the charging cable and usb cable the same basic shape, often have this kind of situation we sometimes in the roadside stall to buy a thread used to connect via mobile phones and computers, but no matter how to operate is unable to connect the computer, is this why? So data and charging line is with USB interface, usually has four lines, but is used line charging power supply VCC &gnd these two line, and the cable is used is the VCC, GND and two communications line. USB cable: the function of each wire line: positive ( Connection are identified as: + 5 v or VCC) White lines: negative voltage cable ( Are identified as: Data - Or USB Port ) The green line: positive voltage cable ( Are identified as: Data + +) or USB Port Black: grounding ( Are identified as: GROUND or GND) 。 Of course, the color of the wire is only in the strip away outer rubber cable or charge line to see. Observe the USB head positive toward oneself, have a touch on the face, from left to right, the contact plate connection line of the corresponding functions are: ground wire ( Or should I say: zero, black wire) And read the data cable, Signal wire, connect the green wire) And writing data line ( Signal into line, white wire) , + 5 v line ( Positive, connect red wire) 。 Data on the USB interface with line, there are four lines, and the power cord in the USB line that only two lines, so mobile phone can when the power cord cable, but the power cord usually cannot be used as a data cable. Because in order to save costs, charging line basically saves in the middle of the two wires, or eliminate the read and write data and data line ( The green line and white line) Ability to read and write, which means no data, can only be charging. This is why the data line can charge the battery charging, line is not necessarily can be used when the data line.
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