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What are the data line customized procurement way?

by:Richupon      2020-10-24
We often use the data line is from cable factory, is received from the factory supplied to seller, to sell. Cable cable factory customized procurement so mobile phones have?
in fact both procurement and wholesale data line, the first thing to know cable cable factory offer ways mainly include: 1, the order according to customer needs and requirements, custom cable 2, brand specific data line spot supply, 3, the brand cable manufacturers supply. Small make up next to explain these two cable way of supply.
1, the order according to the requirements of clients customized cable, this approach is customized according to customer requirements, if need to customize the cable need to understand those things? Customers need to purchase the cable, there are two kinds of products, one is designed to find our custom, the other one is the sample according to our cable factory and existing mold to custom. That is a kind of is design according to customer requirements to do data line, another kind is according to the existing cable samples to our factory.
(1), customized data line for our factory, the first thing to give us drawings or samples of custom, the factory we decide if we can do.
(2), the customer needs to provide custom cable information: the number of cable, plug type, wire core, OD, outside is material, molding wires, woven nylon cable or alloy, length, color, packaging, whether you need the invoice, and so on, according to the customer to provide information to calculate and determine the price of the sample.
(3), determine the sample can do after the need to open mold and proofing. For the customers own design seldom have the same mold, so need to customize mould, and charge for a mould fee, agreed to open mold, don't agree to cannot be done. Open mold about a week or so, time is long myopic actual situation and decide.
(4), before the open mold proofing, talking about mold fee and the price of bare wire. Only can open mold proofing confirmed these, and the production of large goods.
2, brand specific data cable spot supply, this is according to the customer purchase wholesale requirements to determine. Is the brand manufacturers provide some cable samples recommend to customers, customer took a fancy to have the demand, specification, quantity, price and the manufacturer has talked, requirements, delivery, will consider purchasing this brand cable manufacturer.
3, the brand cable manufacturers, is the customer does not need to open mold, only need to provide the demand information quantity and specifications, the manufacturer according to customer requirements to provide samples, specification, price, delivery date. Customers to sample, specifications and prices to confirm satisfaction, talk about good price delivery, will produce the big goods need to place an order.
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