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What are the advantages of the Type C cable?

by:Richupon      2020-08-15
With the popularity of Type C, many companies have launched a Type C interface port, apple launched a Type C interface MacBook, expects to have more support Type C interface of electronic equipment is introduced, and the Type C cable factory in mass production, will also be cable for supply each big electronic equipment needs, why Type C would be so popular, accepted so quickly? Instead of being rejected, the reason is very simple, there are too many because of its advantages, also happened to meet the demand of people. For below said we hit a Type C cable cable factory produces the advantages: one of the Type C cable advantages: positive and negative of plug is both positive and negative, inserted at random, turnovers zero, users don't worry too much about positive plug is on, the other plug is not right, and Type C enough to replace other USB interface, because the Type C is both the front and back of the card can be inserted, professional or interface is not directional. Type C # 2: cable advantages to faster Type C interface version of a feature is the transmission speed, is beyond the previous version the theoretical bandwidth from 5 GBPS doubled to 10 GBPS, it can be done completely USB 3. Standard 1 speed. Type C # 3: cable advantages to power stronger Type - C interface USES the USB3. 1 standard can provide up to 100 w power output, can through the USB Typc - C interface to realize the bidirectional power supply: can recharge equipment itself already, also can give an external power supply equipment, equipment charging time can also be reduced. Four: strengths of Type C cable transmission video also took a fancy to a USB - many electronic industry The development potential of C interface, USB - C matchmaking expand its function. Video electronics standards organization joint USB - VESA IF launched 'DisplayPort over USB - C 'scheme, which makes the USB - C interface with the DP video transmission function. Strengths of Type C data cable 5: long life span of Type C header with frosted thickening of metal material, include the protection of the aluminum alloy shell, with up to 10000 times more than the insertion of life and strength.
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