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Richupon usb cables manufacturers have 20 years experience in custom usb cables and usb data cable manufacturing.

What are advantages regarding iphone lighting cable pricing?
Richupon Industrial (Shenzhen) Company Ltd., always creates an attractive proposition for the customer base with competitive price. We set a price not only from a market competition perspective but also from a product development and cost of manufacturing perspective. We provide the best value for you with our price of iphone lighting cable .

Richupon is a leading solution provider and distributor of high-tech, leading-edge usb cable, with many years of experience in the industry. Richupon focuses on providing a variety of lightning cable for customers. The product is anti-bacterial. Made of harmless and non-irritant materials, it is skin-friendly and does not prone to cause skin allergies. Covered by nylon braided material, it is not easy to get knotted. Richupon has made hard work and progressive development since foundation. The product can resist kinks and tangles.

With the emerging of economic, we put forward the concept of type c cable to be more concentrated on this field. Call now!
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