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What advantages does cable manufacturers products

by:Richupon      2021-03-08

a new upgrade cable manufacturer's products, its products are really good at heart and simplicity, will strictly control every procedure, make the data cable to show the characteristics of the faster and more secure when charging, several times after mold adjustment and avant-garde technology, coupled with the late quality testing for the stability of the data line is greatly increased, so the real thing cable manufacturer product what are the advantages?

a, dc fast charging

small make up notice the cable manufacturer's products truly achieve the dc fast charging, it adopts intelligent IC chip with overvoltage protection function, after the realization of over-voltage protection can ensure the normal order of the data line and quick charge and prevent cable affect battery current, so the cable manufacturer's products truly the security does not hurt the cell phone, small resistivity makes more faster.

2 and higher safety

small make up notice the cable manufacturer's emerging products compared with the traditional old wire charge speed is more quickly and more stable, not sometimes fast, the disadvantages of slow process of does not offer hot, quick charge not hot is its important advantages, protection, so the battery can be depth for iOS and chip to optimize effective repair damage to the quick charge the battery, the battery more durable more durable.

three, long product life

small make up notice many special cable manufacturers, products showed excellent ceramic texture, solid interface PC shell higher precision quality joint wear, no damage is more durable, which makes the service life of the products greatly improved, and its resistance to environment is stronger, under various environment all can choose cable manufacturer's products.

and some cable manufacturer's product and not rust design, double-sided pluggable, interface a body stretch and make charging more solid loose, and repeatedly plug also use the same, according to the manufacturer before the products leave the factory after the USB plug and testing, this is the secret of its long service life, especially for more frequent charging customers should choose high quality cable.

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