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Use the cable to avoid operation

by:Richupon      2020-11-29

in order to guarantee the life of the cable, cable in the process of using need to avoid the operation of what? You know about this problem with usb cable manufacturer.

the first, not rough type pull

as is known to all visible parts of the cell phone data line mainly composed of lines and connected to the mobile phone interface, but in the interior of the cable material composition and the corresponding lines. If owners need to mobile phone data line when the plug is too rough, may produce damage to internal wiring, so during use to avoid rough type to pull or plug.

second, idle when need to pull out socket and natural put

there are a large part of the owners have the habit of mobile phones on the cable, plug in the socket for a long time, but if in the case of cable need not continue to plug in the socket above its internal components may be aging. So when idle when the headphone cables should be timely to pull away from the socket, at the same time should also put cable nature in those place away from heat source.

the third, according to the instructions for using the

when buying any products are included with the operating instructions, phone cable, the cable products also have the instructions. But there are a lot of owner are thought known as control process of the data cable and not to read the instructions, in fact there are a lot of owner are not know the details of a cable to use problems made cable from unnecessary damage.

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