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USB3. 0 why so soon?

by:Richupon      2020-06-29
According to the USB3. 0 cable manufacturer understands, from USB3. 0 interface, it besides has the USB2. 0 interface of four metal contact, internally added five small new contact. At the same time, in addition to using the copper as the transmission medium, USB3. 0 interface and USB3. 0 cable can also support optical fiber transmission function, the optical fiber output transmission speed is obvious to all. It is understood that USES optical fiber connection, USB3. Zero speed can reach USB2. 0 20 times or even 30 times. There is no doubt that USB3. The ultimate goal of zero standard is not confined to four. 8 GBPS data transfer rate, but want the future to further break the speed limit, with the comprehensive application of optical fiber wire, USB3. 0 will get a higher transmission speed, the mainstream products in the future will further extension of the application in the show. Such as implement USB high-speed networking or transmission of radio and television signals on PC. USB 3。 0 adopts a new physical layer - — Including the data transmission with two channel separation and confirmation process, and thus achieve the 4. 8 GBPS data transmission speed. In order to replace the USB2. 0 polling and broadcast mechanism, adopted by the USB3. 0 will adopt a packet routing technology, and only allow the terminal equipment has transmitted the data to be sent. New standard will also link each component support for a variety of data streams, and each data flow to maintain independent priority, this function can be used to terminate the jitter caused in the process of video transmission, data stream transmission mechanism also make possible the inherent command queue, and thus make the USB3. 0 interface of the data transmission is more optimized. At last, the USB3. 0 cable manufacturer summary: USB3. 0 of a new generation of interface USB2 than now. Ten times as fast as 0.
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