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USB3. 0 data transmission speed than USB2. 0 data line fast?

by:Richupon      2020-08-13
USB3. 0 data line as early as 2009 years ago when I was already out, so far there are a lot of people don't see USB3. 0 cable popularize the basic common sense for everybody below: 1. From the appearance of the USB male or female seat, USB2. 0 is usually white or black. And USB3. 0 is blue. 2. USB2. 0 cable interface feet only 4 pin: VCC, DP +, DM - 、GND。 3. USB3. 0 hooking the feet of the interface is more, there are 9 pin: VCC, DP +, DM - 接地,SSRXM - 接地,SSRXP + SSTXP + SSTXM - Compared with USB2. USB3 in terms of 0. The function of 0 is much more powerful. 4. USB2. 0 data and USB3. 0 data line symbols to distinguish; Among them, speaking, reading and writing speed to compare, USB3. The speed of 0 is USB2. Ten times the level 0. 5. Data transmission and power supply: USB3. 0 cable using full-duplex data transmission, five line of 2 root used to send data on 2 root is used to receive data, one is ground wire. USB3 power supply parts. 0 to 1 a current, USB2. Only 0 0 data line. 5A。 6. USB3. Cable into the high-speed transmission mode, the theoretical value up to 5 GBPS, at present the mainstream of 3. 5 'internal transmission speed 7200 RPM hard drive will not exceed 150 MB/S, 2. 5 '5400 RPM hard drive internal transmission speed is lower, so tie-in USB3. 0 when should pay attention to the collocation of related hardware, or to reach the ideal speed. Such as should switch to SSD. In addition, USB3. 0 data cable collocation is very important also, not all USB3 on market. 0 cable to be able to meet the requirements.
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