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USB2. What are the advantages 0 cable?

by:Richupon      2020-06-28
Since the launch of the USB3. After 1 Type C interface, started around the news on the market, mobile phone, computer and medical equipment is started to contact with this kind of interface, the Type C cable also began to mass production. So USB3. 0 data and USB2. 0 cable is eliminated, or take a back seat? Actually otherwise, the two wires still occupied most of market share, in a few years will not change, so to speak. To popularize the USB3 below. 0 data and USB2. The scope of application: 0 cable USB3. 0 cable: suitable for computer and have the USB peripheral products ( Printers, camera, fax machines, scanners, U disk, MP3, MP4, etc. ) The transfer of data between. USB2. 0 Cable: suitable equipment with the mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, camera, USB flash disk, MP3 players, mobile phones, digital cameras, mobile hard disk, floppy disk, USB external light card, ADSL Modem, Cable Modem and other electronic products. USB3 listed below. 0 USB2 cable contrast. 0 cable five advantages: 1. USB3. 0 is USB2 data bandwidth. Ten times the 0, can achieve 5 gb/s ( 480 mb / s) , the synchronization transmission bandwidth can reach 384 MB/s, this is USB3. 0 to 2. One of the primary difference between 0; 2. Low power consumption, In the 20 MB/s about than USB2 when the amount of data transmission. 0 25% lower power consumption) ; 3. USB3. 0 to 2. 0 more energy efficient, for equipment temporarily in a wait state, you can use the power saving mode; 4. USB3. 0 can provide more power through the cable ( 2. 5 w up to 4. 5 w) ; 5. USB3. 0 is backward compatibility and support USB2. 0 devices, but USB2. 0 USB3 cannot support. 0.
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