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USB2. Cable conductor of the various colors

by:Richupon      2020-05-17
USB2. 0 data line is also our factory usually do a product, because it is widely used in the USB device, one of the most common is the headphone cables, computer peripheral cable, keyboard cable, mouse cable, line printer. Also is commonly used electronic toys, digital products, communications equipment cable, used to transmit data and charge. So a lot is a customer demand. Then the USB2. 0 cable of how the structure, function, today small make up and everyone to discuss 'USB2. Cable conductor of the various color represent what 'USB2. Cable conductor of the definition of a variety of colors: red - USB Power marked - VCC, Power, 5 v, 5 VSB on green - USB cable ( Is) - DATA +, profile +, PD +, USBDT + white - USB cable ( Negative) 拼, USBD(基于统一场景的设计), PD - , USBDT + black - earth - GND, Ground of red/black wire for charging, and green/white wire information for the data transmission, thought content hope to help everyone.
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