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USB2. 0 data description of the specifications of products

by:Richupon      2020-06-29
Our elegant and electronic production of the USB2. 0 cable, long-term supply of major brands, satisfaction is extremely high, the return rate of 0, over the years in establishing a good reputation in the peer. Manufacture this line we select material to processing and packaging, each link is taken seriously and meticulous, every line, guarantee 100% by testing, the following together see USB2. 0 cable specifications description: a. The USB end: ( 一) Using USB usbam A male, nickel plating layer of high quality, no rusty phenomenon, can pass salt spray test. ( b) Appearance of 60 p rubber, PVC surface gloss, bright surface, no stain, no corrosive action on metals, and gas. 2. The wire end: the 10 0. Full screen printing wire, copper wire 10 3 wire diameter. 0, 60 p of the PVC plastic material is used rubber, surface brightness, softness is good, no shrinkage, foaming, wire length 30 cm. 3. The tail end: screens for 4 * 5 bayonet, bayonet 20 mm long, tin copper wire dew on 3 mm, the bayonet is a plastic shell general ordinary charger. Can be easily assembled. No loose etc. Bad phenomenon.
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