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Usb interface function analysis

by:Richupon      2020-05-26
Now more and more electronic devices, but most interfaces are basic unified, usb interface, as a kind of accessories its role is not to be belittled. Generally we have common used to transmit data cable, upload the data on the mobile device on a computer or device, actually it can be said that the role of the line is very big. In fact, in the family, it also has many other USES, then look at the usb interface together function analysis. A, usb cable can be used to connect a variety of electronic equipment, under the condition of no Internet to realize the transfer of data, backup and data synchronization. This is usb interface of the more important a USES, especially for data backup and synchronization, it is very important for modern data security. Under certain conditions to prevent information being intercepted we cannot use the network to transfer the data, so this time to implement the data backup and synchronization must thread to transmission, so as to ensure safety. Second, the usb cable can be used to recharge equipment. This is our most commonly used now, it is also no substitute, because the charge is always need to connect with lines. Now our technical level does not support wireless charging, use this wire to connect mobile devices and power is the inevitable choice. Third, usb cable can be used to flash. This is a professional USES line, generally used where mobile phone after-sales maintenance. Do flash with line interfaces are commonly COM model, this kind of special purpose line is a line of general interface can't replace. In flash when only use this line to ensure the safety and security of the data, this can be said to be the usb interface of the use of special occasions.
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