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USB cable wire inspection standards

by:Richupon      2020-06-23
Every company will have their own suppliers, as our company doing more recently is a USB cable, so will often come into contact with the USB cable all the suppliers of raw materials, including PVC material, wire, plug and so on raw material suppliers, our company will be a department ( IPQC) To check all raw materials, small make up today to share our company's USB cable wire inspection standard. USB cable wire inspection standards must be in strict accordance with the following steps: a, visual inspection: must be put down the full of copper wire reel packaging on the stage, with one hand and a piece of white paper on copper wire from 1 - The position of 2 cm, another hand will copper wire spool rolling week, visual whether its appearance to the following criteria: 1) Smooth surface, no black line, no line, no pitting, no oxidation, no flowers, no scratch, no tin (bruised Adhering tin, tin) , no slashes, no hand joint, no fingerprints. 2) Ribbon cable, uniform, no good, owe heap side ( Low on both sides of the high and low or high on both sides) , no stock. 3) Moderate tension but loose or too tight. 4) Copper wire surface after rolling no sticky ash ( A full) Second, the wire diameter inspection: wire diameter according to the national common standards, customers have special requirements according to its strict control. The specific inspection steps are as follows: 1) First, to debug the micrometer is zero. 2) , will test the copper wire clip wire, is put in the micrometer (use appropriate The strength of an overweight or underweight) Twist micrometer terminal. 3) , when they hear micrometer and observe the reading after three shaking. 4) And should be consistent and repeat test reading two or three times before ( The same piece of copper wire) Every time cannot detect the same position, should test section. 5) And wire diameter in 0. More than 2 cm of testing different interface of copper wire, copper wire to avoid a flat wire. Three, elongation test: elongation are in accordance with the national standard, when the customers have special requirements in accordance with the requirements for its strict control, the specific steps are as follows: 1) Open the elongation tester switch. 2) Observe whether its on the left side of the clip is in the original position, the instrument shows whether the reading of zero, such as induction on the left is not in the original position, the instrument shows reading is not zero, should immediately press the back button and the reset button. 3) Gently open the folder, put the test of the copper wire end in induction folder, pressure induction clamp, and then gently to copper wire straightening and put the other end in another induction folder, pressure induction to copper wire clip, press the test button. 4) After induction to copper wire tensile and stop moving, looking for the display reading is the detection of the elongation of copper wire.
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