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USB cable shielding function

by:Richupon      2020-06-26
We can see, in the high-end USB cable is usually: plastic shell - Woven net - Aluminum foil - Copper core. The innermost with colored insulated conductor core ( Copper) Cover, used to transmit data signals and current, plastic shell to protect wires; And woven nets and the effect of aluminum foil layer is shielding function. USB cable is an important function to transmit data signals. But there may be various interference when we use the surrounding information. If these interfering signal into the lining of the cable conductor, superimposed on the original transmission signal is unlikely to disrupt or change of the original signal transmission, lead to useful signal loss or problems? While some woven nets and aluminum foil layer to transmit information to us to play the role of a protective and shielding. Of course, not all of the USB cable has two layers of shielding, some have multiple shielding layer, layer, only some are not even. Shielding is between two space area for the isolation of the metal, used to control the electric field, magnetic field and electromagnetic waves from one area to another area of induction and radiation. Is surrounded with a shield conductor wire core, in order to prevent them is affected by the external electromagnetic field/jamming signal, is surrounded with a shield conductor wire core. USB cable shielding layer is mainly made of copper, aluminum and other non-magnetic materials, usually a braided copper network ( Aluminum magnesium weaving nets) Or copper foil ( Aluminum foil, etc. ) And its thickness is very thin, far less than the skin depth of metal materials using frequency. It should be noted that end must be connected to the signal circuit, because of the shielding effect is mainly due to the metal body itself is not in the electric field, but due to shield grounding, grounding form different will directly affect the shielding effect. Normal shielding wire production process is as follows: copper - Out of ( The soft-core) - - - - - - Winding ( The conductor) - - - - - - Aluminum foil package - Weaving ( Or wound) - - - - - - Out of ( ) In the electronic connecting cables, often use letters to identify the use of material, such as: aluminium AL representative, such as 4 c + AL, mean aluminium wire line 4 encapsulation. AB on behalf of weaving, such as 4 c + 80/0. 10 ab, mean 4 core braided wire, weaving specifications for 80 0. 10 mm outside diameter of copper wire. S on behalf of the winding, such as 4 c + 60/0. 10 s, mean of 4 c winding, winding specifications for 60 0. 10 mm outside diameter of copper wire.
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