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USB cable of the specifications of the most comprehensive parameters is introduced

by:Richupon      2020-12-01

the heyuan longchuan county, our company is specialized in producing all kinds of cable, USB cable, USB cable, USB charging line, DC line, and so on wire products manufacturers. Provide ODM, OEM custom, can accept small order. 【 The product name. USB cable.

【 Product material 】

divided into two categories: PVC and TPE. 【 Application range 】 Computer peripherals, digital, mobile phone peripheral USB interface equipment such as signal transmission and power supply and charging, etc. 【 The plug specification 】 USB A male, miniUSB5P, micro USB5P USB plug molding such as PVC, PU or TPE outside several materials to choose from. 【 Cable specification 】 Conductor used for charging purposes 2 c line, using the USB cable structure as the signal transmission and power supply. Conductor selected 20 - 30 awg, OD2。 5 - 4. 0mm。 Cable length: static length 0. 3 - 0. 8 meters, the length: 0. 8 - 1. 5 meters. 【 Performance metrics 】 Cables and heat-resistant: 80 ℃ or less. Rated voltage: DC15V. Rated current: 0. 3 - 2A。 Withstand voltage: AC450V / 5 seconds. Insulation resistance: 1 m Ω/DC250V. Temperature: - 10℃- +70℃. Tensile test: will the USB spring line ultimate tensile strain of 5000 times, show no sign of damage, the function is normal. Hoisting test: to plug the USB spring line position hoisting kg45 2 degrees to sway, 100 show no sign of damage function is normal.

【 Testing standard 】 After more than 3000 times the tensile test, 2 kg hoisting test, aging test and so on electrical performance and service life test.

【 Packing 】 Using recycled PE environmental protection heat sealing bag. Can be in accordance with the requirements of the guests need a self-styled mouth PE bag. High-end products according to the guests choose blister packing box. According to the appropriate number of carton outside. For ease of handling assembly packaging carton outside. 【 Usage 】 Product support hot plug, can be used directly to the USB interface equipment directly. First interface tighter use pay attention to the plug, with a fixed device, plug the other hand, in case of damage to equipment or plug. 【 The time of delivery) From formal to determine the order, a normal USB cable products delivery time for three weeks, the specific delivery business commissioner will according to the current production status, as well as the production schedule status of third-party communication with you the specific delivery date. 【 The mode of transportation 】 According to the number of product order, the degree of customer and choose appropriate transportation way. The choice of the pearl river delta region, the product quantity is less express, the number is more factories commissioner to deliver on its own. Other provinces and cities area, product a small number of the Courier delivery, product quantity is more the freight way. 【 After-sales service 】 Product return is: after the guest to detect unqualified if the circumstances are serious, the two sides failed to reach the other way, company can arrange a refund processing, to refund the payment for goods, and to bear the freight. Product replacement: the guest inspection is unqualified, both sides have reached a consensus to support communication product replacement treatment. 【 Applicable equipment 】

this product is suitable for all kinds of the mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner,, flash drives, MP3 players, mobile phones, digital cameras, mobile hard disk, floppy disk, USB external light card, ADSL Modem, Cable Modem, and other products to ensure the normal use for a year, a year for the damaged products, abnormal mass support replacement service this product is suitable for all kinds of the mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner,, flash drives, MP3 players, mobile phones, digital cameras, mobile hard disk, floppy disk, USB external light card.

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