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USB cable manufacturer to explain the classification of the USB cable

by:Richupon      2021-03-12

USB cable manufacturer to explain the classification of the USB cable

we commonly used mobile phone data line is divided into two kinds, one kind is the apple data line, another android data cable. Apple data line can only be used for mobile phones and mobile devices, the android data line can be applied to all android phones. So what are all these mobile phone interface type of the data line?

from manufacturer to categories: original factory original package. Domestic brands; Domestic unlicensed.

1, the original factory original package: produced by mobile phone manufacturers directly, or provide the materials to entrust a manufacturers foundry, marked with mobile phone brand, best quality, the most expensive.

2, domestic brands: cable has its own brand, and then in the factory's address and telephone number are printed on the packaging, more formal, with good quality and low prices, such as LingKai data line. This kind of cable, domestic cable for unlicensed commonly.

3, brand: did not identify the manufacturer and the brand. Cell phone cable manufacturers said this kind of cable in 2 class, 1 kind of cable is a professional export, foreigners don't need to stick a Chinese brand, the line quality is pass, the price is partial lower than domestic brands line, the highest cost performance; The second line is a less known and inferior brand, the price is very low, poor quality, you buy but be careful, please choose to a more reputable sellers to buy.

typical models: samsung CDMA series, D500 series; MOTOROLA mot E398 series, the series of the V3; Nokia DKU - 2; NECN720 series; Siemens 65 series and so on.

1, without IC: have no central control chip, must plug in mobile computer to recognize the line, the price is cheap.

2, with IC: take the central control chip, the common chip of models for 2303, 2101, 3116, without mobile computer will recognize line, because a IC price is 10 yuan, so the price is expensive than that of without IC. Working principle of the data line is USBtoCOM with chips, the USB interface is transformed into a serial port on the computer display.

typical models: samsung E638 series, the series of D418; NECN610 series; Siemens 25 series, 55 series; SONY Ericsson mobile phone data line; Panasonic headphone cables; Lenovo mobile data cable, and so on.

3, special chip: the ordinary popular chip, special type of chip such as: DKU - 5、CA- 都柏林城市大学42岁, 11 and so on.

cable manufacturer warm prompt: you don't mistakenly take IC are of good quality and poor quality without IC, with or without actual IC is production according to the application of the mobile phone models.

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