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USB cable factory main classification of anatomical data line

by:Richupon      2020-11-08

cable is our daily during the use of mobile phones must be equipped with one of the hardware, at the time of recharge mobile phones without it, for the connection of computer and mobile phone also without it. Below in the USB cable factory focuses on the classification of the data cable.

1。 Classified by interface

according to the different interface type cable factory production and sales of cable can be divided into two categories: COM interface cable and USB cable COM interface cable connected to the desktop computer host behind the corresponding COM hole groove, its price is low, but pull extremely inconvenient, transmission speed is slow and does not support the notebook computer, has been eliminated; USB cable is on the market at present, the mainstream of the cable it convenient and fast stability, support for all types of computer, easy to use but the price a little higher.

2。 Classified by the chip

according to whether or not to bring a USB cable manufacturer production and sales of cable and chip type can be divided into without IC ( The central control chip) Cable, with IC cable, and special chip data line. Cable to plug in without IC phones computer line, and some IC cable is a smart don't need the mobile computer will recognize line, refers to some special chip contains special special models of the general public of chip.

3。 Classified by manufacturer

in accordance with the manufacturer to different types of cable factory production and sales of cable can be divided into original factory original cable, homebred brand cable and cable without a license. Original factory original data directly by the manufacturer of mobile equipment production or provide entrust other cable materials wholesale factory production, its quality best price also the most expensive; Homebred brand cable has its own brand and compare standard, low prices, good quality; Unlicensed cable is refers to those who did not identify the manufacturer and the brand of cable.

apart from the above several classification methods, according to the function different cable wholesale manufacturer also can be divided into production and sales of single cable lines to Internet line, flash, synchronization, and so on, however, due to the function of the data line is more and more widely, also more and more wide application scope, usually a cable can be a variety of purposes, so the way function classification is not clear. Well-known type - C when consumer choose and buy cable cable manufacturer recommended to combine their own needs and the qualifications of the seller comprehensive consideration.

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