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USB cable data format and encoding scheme

by:Richupon      2020-06-23
Small make up today for everyone to explain some rare know knowledge on USB cable, including its transmission structure not explain one by one, because everyone is more understanding, now tell me: USB cable data format and encoding scheme. USB cable data format: USB data is composed of binary Numbers, first of all the Numbers domain ( There are seven kinds of) Domain to constitute a package, package to constitute the transaction ( IN、OUT、SETUP) Finally a transmission, the transaction ( Interrupt transmission, parallel transfer, mass transfer and control) 。 USB cable coding scheme: USB USES has no return to transmit data, when the difference of data input on a transmission line 0 invert, enter 1 will keep original value, in order to ensure the accuracy of signal transmission, when sending a package on the USB bus, transmission equipment is to insert ( Namely every six consecutive 1 in the data stream and then insert a 0) Change, thus forcing NRZI codes.
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