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USB cable common sense

by:Richupon      2021-03-17

USB cable, popular, the mobile phone as a USB stick and wires connect with computer. At the same time, the USB cable connected to the computer after, can also serve as a charger. Its advantage is convenient, fast speed, good compatibility, can be concatenated, support hot swap, etc.

USB cable at the time of access, connected to the power supply first, and then through the data.

1, the composition of USB cable:

(1) the USB plug

2. Cell phone I/O mouth plug

3. Connecting wire ( Shielding)

anti-jamming device (4)

2, the role of the four core:

1) VDD, + 5. 0 v: give mobile phones circuit power supply or batteries.

(2) the GND, ground wire, and cell phone transmission signal, the power back to the terminal.

(3) positive voltage cable, identified as: Data + or + USB Port.

(4), negative voltage cable are identified as: Data - Or USB Port 。

software download line: its role is to connect mobile phones and computers, to achieve the purpose of the data path, is the path of mobile phone software download your computer to the phone memory.

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