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USB 3。 1型- C market dynamic analysis

by:Richupon      2020-08-15
From a USB 3. 1型- C just entering the market, people do not know anything about it is, also don't dare to presume to use, is to follow go mainstream. Up to now, the USB 3. 1型- Promote the use of C already has more than three years time, many digital products have begun to use USB 3. 1型- C interface, mobile accounted for most, people began to feel its advantages and disadvantages, charging for the latest impressive is its speed express, shortcomings are, of course. Most of the current mobile phone market Type - C cell phone is not in the true sense of quick charge, there is very big penetrating space in the future. In many technical route, the trend of mobile phone quick charge should be low pressure rises flow scheme, namely the 5 v2a - 》5V3A- 》5 v5a / 4。 5A- '5 v5a the technical route of evolution, this scheme does not need to use a dedicated booster chip, low fever, only need to use special wire and handshake chips, we believe that the follow-up more mobile phone manufacturers to join 5 v5a and 5 v5a market. On computer, TV, can use more USB PD to support high pressure flow. The current USB 3. 1型- C is the latest USB specification, the specification launched by Intel and other large companies, compared with the existing USB technology, the new USB technology USES a more efficient data coding system, and provide a times more effective data throughput rate ( USB IF association) , it is fully compatible with existing down USB connector and cable. Compatible with existing USB3. 0 software protocol stack and equipment, 5 GBPS hubs and equipment. USB 3。 1型- C indicates the arrival of the era of mobile Internet, in this era, more and more devices -- — Computer, mobile phone, tablet, TV, ebook reader and even cars - — Access to the Internet, can use different ways to previously by Type A symbol by the interface of computer data collecting and distributing centre gradually digestion.
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