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USB 3。 1 and USB Type The difference between C

by:Richupon      2020-07-09
When it comes to USB3. 1 interface, I think many people will think there is only one interface: USB 3. 1型- C interface, actually otherwise, that's just one of them. So the USB 3. 1 with USB Type C have what differentiation? / technically, USB 3. 1 is a transmission standard. After a USB 1. 0, 2. 0 and 3. The development of 0, the USB 3. 1 in each aspect has made considerable progress. The USB Type - C, accurately, a kind of interface standards. USB 3。 1 interface standards with A total of three, respectively is A USB Type A, USB Type B ( Micro USB) And the latest USB Type - C。 At present, the Type A interface mainly as computers and other equipment connection. Micro USB is mainly appear in the smart phone and other small devices, can be widely applied. As for the USB Type - C, for a variety of features, known as the most promising unified interface standard of each interface. It is important to note that the USB 3. 1 with USB Type And there is no absolute correlation between C. Want to know how the USB Type - C interface, does not necessarily represent its support USB 3. 1 standard. The USB 3. Standard does not necessarily must have the USB Type - 1 C interface. At this point, do not cheat by bad vendor. So it is necessary to the knowledge you know.
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