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USB 3。 0 and USB 2. The difference between 0

by:Richupon      2020-07-08
New USB 3. In keeping with the USB 2 0. 0 compatibility at the same time, also provides several enhancements to the following: greatly improve the bandwidth - — Up to 5 GBPS full-duplex ( USB2. 0 480 MBPS half-duplex) , to achieve the better power management, enables the host to provide more power to the device, so as to realize the USB - Rechargeable batteries, LED lighting and mini fan, such as application, can make the host faster identification device, the New Deal makes data processing efficiency higher, USB 3. 0 can be in the storage device to the storage rate under the limited transmission large capacity files ( Such as HD movies) 。 For example, an adopting USB 3. 0 flash drives can be 3. 3 seconds to 1 gb of data transfer to a host, and USB 2. 0 you will need to 33 seconds. By the resolution of the growing consumer electronics and storage performance requirements, hope that through a broadband Internet connection can achieve wider media application, therefore, users need to be more rapid transmission performance, in order to simplify the download, store, and Shared use of a number of multimedia content. USB 3。 0 in providing consumers with its simple connectivity played a crucial role. When used in consumer devices, USB 3. USB 2 0 will solve. 0 can't identify devices without batteries. The host through USB 3. 0 current slowly reduced, so as to identify these devices, such as batteries have broken mobile phone.
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