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Up to 5 Type - a large current C cable

by:Richupon      2020-07-11
Usb cable output current generally have 0. 5 a, 1 a, 2 a, these are very common, also is not very common. 2. 1,2。 5 a, even three. 2 a, but have you ever found that current up to 5 a usb cable, but we and the production of this Type - C maximum directly reach more than 5 a data cable current, charging flew there! Into the era of quick charge. Filled with short-term Anker, Type - C inputs, the power supply not line, mobile power supply is eat voltage, before the test charge, a larger internal resistance line directly is 1. Around 2 a charge, the short term can be 2. 72 a, voltage 5. Almost 0520 v charging full speed. Thanks to use the Type - C interface, to provide up to 5 a without the need for the interface big change over current capacity. Contact details, gold-plated thick. Gen with USB 2. 0 wire specifications to achieve 5 a large current fast charge, this has attracted our attention; In the consulting industry engineers, ordinary USB2. 0 interface of the data cable gold-plated thickness of 2 u, but the this Type of gen - Gold-plated thickness up to 32 u C the wires, more 15 times, visible in order to meet the demand of quick charge in materials up and down a lot of kung fu. In addition, the wire diameter of cable also made a bold, take out stitches directly, wire cross section, 2 red line found two root stout, accounted for almost half of the entire thread, should be to ensure that large current to pass. To achieve 5 a large current.
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