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Understand the cable wire specification?

by:Richupon      2020-06-14
We usually use the most mobile phone data line, many people only know its purpose, however, is to give the mobile charging and data transmission, but did not know its composition, and the structure of the wire. Will only wire in this area, the inside of the knowledge can be a lot, including outside the wire is the most common PVC and TPE to form, and the inside of the conductor and weave the most by bare copper and tin plated copper and tin plated copper clad steel, etc. We buy in the market of mobile phone data cable, why some fast charge, and some will charge half a day but only to a little bit of electricity? Many people began to suspect is wrong with his mobile phone, all on a mobile phone to find problems, not to question the quality of the data cable. First of all, the line plug whether use good quality, if there is a rusting ah, poor contact, but the most important or wire inside copper wire specifications, this will directly affect the charging of fast and slow. Following a wire specification table, can control the table to look at their mobile phone data cable to use the wire gauge, the smaller the gauge number, the faster it represents your cable charging.
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