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Simple introduction of terminal compression ratio

by:Richupon      2020-07-06
Shenzhen ya chong electronic co. , LTD. , for a variety of USB wire, terminal products production-oriented enterprises, focus on all kinds of custom USB wire, terminal wire, wire harness, line connecting line, shielded wire and other wire products ( ODM / OEM) Production and sales, is widely used in computers, communication, consumer electronics, medical, automotive, toys, robots, 3 c battery, new energy vehicles and other automation equipment, etc. Various kinds of machinery and equipment. General compression ratio between 15% to 20% is very good. Pressure welding quality depends on the amount of compression, it is through the crimping tool and line pressing foot and the size of the conductor cross section to control. So, when mass production with wire section area and the design pressure to confirm with the cross section area of the same wire is very important. Compression situation when mass production verification through the use of terminals, wires and crimping tool samples to verify the pressure. Reasonable size pressure by compression analysis to assess. Compression compression ratio to analysis ( The finite element analysis method or other methods) 。 C = 100 (of the formula is as follows: 1 - ( T / A) ) %, C = compression here, T = compressed area ( Crimping tool package area, namely compressed conductor area and terminal area) the sum of Before, A = pressure welding wire area and terminal area combined.
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