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Simple atmospheric bracelet data cables

by:Richupon      2020-05-19
I wonder if you have because with a bunch of cable clutter in your bag? Ever due to forgot to take my data cable makes you unable to store the data in time? Ever since the cable is too long for your desk looks very disorderly? Ever since the cable winding and upset the cup on the table? Recommended by jas and such a cute little hand ring cable must be able to bring you unlimited fun while you are using. The three major characteristics: 1, data transfer and charging - — Is different from the traditional forms, concise design, light and portable. USB2. 0 standard, data transfer and charge at the same time. 2, convenient magnetic suction function - — Both ends of magnetic data cable, and can be used as a work of adsorber photographs and notes. 3, personal accessories - — Using the multicolor coating design theme, can be used as a single bracelet or backpack.
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