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Quick charge technology can damage cell phone batteries

by:Richupon      2020-06-05
Quick charge technology can damage cell phone batteries, are you afraid of? With the existing technology to achieve quick charge there are three kinds of schemes, a voltage pressure is constant, increase the current. 2 it is constant current, and improve the voltage. Three is the voltage and current are improved. Damage to the cell phone battery has two reasons: one is the battery charge and discharge the battery cathode and anode can narrow along with the release and absorption of ions and expansion, quick charge can destroy the chemical battery, lead to shorten the battery life. Two quick charge when the battery is due to the high current, the heating effect of the current increases, lead to battery can produce high temperature, sharply reduced capacity and batteries, permanent damage phenomenon. Fast charge head fast charge cable, so the current technology, quick charge technology is influential to the cell phone battery, but you can rest assured, fast was electrical and data cables have corresponding security protection measures, can be at ease use. In addition under the national standards for battery charge and discharge battery capacity after 500 times for qualified in more than 80%.
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