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Quick charge cable charging line measurement

by:Richupon      2020-11-20

for iPhone, you should be very familiar with, whether it is a mobile phone in the work, or the iOS system, are all very commendable, but one thing has been plagued by fans, it is apple mobile invariable output 5 v1a charger, for a flagship model, is indeed seem to be some lack of sincerity, whereas the android camp, already all into the age of 5 v2a, and most of all have already support quick charge function. Because of the mobile phone is not apple support quick charge function, so if to use fast charger plug, is likely to damage the phones, but bring you today is a by the production of high-speed charging cable, as long as using this cable, can let you in the hands of the iPhone charging speed increases by 30%, is really amazing, so let's go to the actual test.

high-speed charging cable using kraft paper packing box, neat design is very simple, positive with a label, among all the way to the side, tags used the same color, charging line is charging line above the pictures, the prototype line has local tyrants titanium gold, rose gold, silver, aurora empty grey, red, camouflage lucky green and bright black, a total of 7 kinds of color, you can choose according to need.

the top right-hand corner of the box on the back of a quality goods certification label, can undertake authenticity query, at the bottom of the label is about data information such as date of production, material and specifications. Can see the inside of the cable after opening, I this is the rose gold version, color and rose gold version of the iPhone is tie-in.

apple USB interface of the data line and 20 joints are using aluminum alloy material, the surface precision plating processing, not only can effectively avoid oxidation rust, prolonged use of cable, but also appear more upscale atmosphere.

charging line, USES the hot melt metal joint and the joint of wire and the interface is connected very closely, more durable than ordinary joint.

charging line using high quality nylon wire environmental protection, more strong and durable, but also can prevent the wound, compared with the apple store charge wire line or other brand significantly coarse.

another charging online and a leather belt winding design, can be convenient to receive when not in use, the prototype line currently has 1 meter, 1. 5 meters and 2 meters length of three kinds of optional, you can choose according to need to undertake the corresponding.

after the actual test, and the hands of the iPhone X can perfect adaptation, even with the protective case is also can be used normally, and the wire and the fuselage USES the same color, compared to the original white charge line, the data cable and mobile phone seems to be more collocation


this figure, apple data cable is the latest model, support rapid charging high quality tin copper core, output rate can reach 97%, fast for the mobile power, whether really have the effect, we will go to the below for the actual test.

use diagram, to test the charging cable, and over 30 minutes of continuous charging, the mobile phone has been destroyed during screen state without any operation, power increased from 11% to 47%, the charging amount was 35%, compared with the previous common cable can still feel improved. Before the iPhone not support quick charge, only with a line charge, you can keep the cell phone charging speed increases by 30%, and for a mobile phone is does not have any effect, it is very useful, at least for the moment to improve apple users of mobile phone recharge rate is a very good choice.
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