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OTG line connection and what is the difference between the connection of the USB line?

by:Richupon      2020-08-16
Because of OTG line and the function of the USB cable, connection is not the same, OTG line is to pick up a point, see the following analysis, we can know OTG line connection and what is the difference between the USB cable connection. Otg line only micro interface, a total of 5 pin1. vbus2. GND3。 D+4. D - 5. The pin has 1 ID traditional usb interface. 通风装置( 5v) 2. GND3。 D+4. D - 5. ID Pin dangling USB cable used to connect to mobile phones and computers, can be accessed through the computer phone photos, music, use your phone as a USB drive. OTG cable without the PC, mobile phone can be directly through OTG cable and USB flash drive, mouse, keyboard and other USB device connection. Connect usb directly to find information, easy to pick up the mouse to play games, meet the keyboard can be fast typing, connect the camera directly browse pictures, namely namely pass. OTG extends the functionality of the phone. OTG line and the difference between ordinary USB cable, USB cable to connect computers, computer power supply, and devices such as USB OTG cable connection, the mobile phone must give USB peripherals such as power supply, then the phone is how to identify USB cable and OTG cable? Apart after two wires, will see the pin 4 of USB cable is impending, OTG cable pin 4 is short of receiving, in the land of mobile phone chips should be through the pin 4 judgment is inserted OTG cable or USB cable, and use that to decide whether to open the OTG power supply. Hardware differences is that there are more than one PIN a GND grounded line, let the machine to tell who is the HOST HOST, who is the Device peripherals, single to appearance is unable to distinguish the difference between the OTG line and normal USB cable.
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