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OTG cable related knowledge is introduced

by:Richupon      2020-07-04
OTG cable manufacturer to tell you that now most smartphones and tablets support OTG function. Many smart phones and tablets data interface is MicroUSB interface, also known as micro USB interface, in the mobile phone and tablet is mainly used for charging and connecting computers for data transmission. As long as through otg cable can connect the mobile phone or tablet USB devices. And to know about otg line is? You first need to understand mobile phone or other mobile devices otg function is what? Otg meaning On The Go, that is, without a computer as a transit point, direct connect mobile U disk, card reader, MP3, keyboard, digital camera and other external equipment for data transmission, The input operation or charging, and other functions. Otg is mainly used in a variety of different devices or mobile device, the connection between for data exchange. The development of USB technology, can make computers and peripheral equipment through a simple USB connection way to transport all kinds of data. This will lead to a situation in which, once the mobile phone or tablet don't have a computer, can't manage mobile phone mobile devices such as data, so it brings inconvenience to the user. Mobile devices such as mobile phones more and more like the computer, can imagine, can use mobile phones as a computer? Phone can connect U disk, USB adapter, etc? The answer is yes, otg function is to connect mobile phone can U disk and USB device, only USB interface of the mobile phone is small, can't meet the needs of the U disk, USB interface, thus the otg cable was born. Otg function is in the absence of a computer, to achieve data transmission between mobile devices. OTG cable manufacturers, compared with two mobile devices as well as a line of links, through OTG line can be directly connects devices for data transfer and printing operations. Don't need to bring memory card or computer to transfer. The most common is the mobile phone by USB otg line connection USB device, such as to extend the function of mobile devices.
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