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OTG cable, classification and function

by:Richupon      2020-08-16
On time, customer asked me do you have any production OTG cable is I took a look at our web site is the product figure, OTG cable is then answered and said to him do, and he confirmed the plug behind, wire rod, the length and the quotation and other such matters actually at that time, I also don't know what OTG cable is to what purpose is to, then we find information, know something about OTG cable, now share with you. OTG cable categories: general OTG line is divided into two kinds, one kind is need to connect to the power, there are no need to connect the power supply, but their function is the same, is commonly used as external USB devices, such as printers, cameras and other equipment. For example, such as mobile phone support OTG function, but we want to play the movie in the U disk or music? General users can only to transmit through U disk files on the computer to play mobile phone, but as long as through OTG cable, we can directly implement play U disk files on the phone. OTG function: is in the absence of a computer, to achieve data transmission between mobile devices. Relative to the two mobile devices as well as a line of links, through OTG line can direct connect devices for data transfer and printing operations. Don't need to bring CARDS or computer to transfer. The most common is the mobile phone by USB OTG line connection USB device, such as to extend the function of mobile devices.
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