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OTG cable can use, you know?

by:Richupon      2020-07-04
Now a lot of smart phones, tablets, support OTG function, support OTG function of mobile phone equipment comes with a similar USB OTG cable. A lot of friends for OTG line how to do? How to use is not very understanding, and even many basic OTG cable has not been used for mobile phone users, actually OTG cable is very practical, here small make up to you in detail the OTG cable to use. Say what is OTG: first is the USB OTG On - - Go, or mobile device is mainly used in a variety of equipment, the connection between for data exchange. Popular, if this device is a U disk, then OTG is convenient for users to directly use mobile phones to read the content on the U disk ( Without both your phone and usb plug on the computer to computer when transit) 。 So the question: is in order to realize mobile phones and USB OTG function such as USB device connected, but a mobile phone interface is smaller, U disk cannot be directly inserted how broken? The answer is, to a OTG cable. How do you use the OTG cable: OTG line utility is very simple, as long as a head of connection phone Micro USB OTG cable ( The charging interface) , another period of connecting a mouse or U disk, after the connection is good, then you can through the mouse operate cell phone, mouse can freely move and click on the application of open operation, such as basic similar to operate a computer. OTG function: is in the absence of a computer, to achieve data transmission between mobile devices. Relative to the two mobile devices as well as a line of links, through OTG line can direct connect devices for data transfer and printing operations. Don't need to bring CARDS or computer to transfer. The most common is the mobile phone by USB OTG line connection USB device, such as to extend the function of mobile devices.
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