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OTG cable and USB2. 0 data line differences

by:Richupon      2020-08-17
cable.com/product' target='_blank'>USB cable we have been very familiar with, from USB1. 0,USB1。 1,USB2。 0 along the way, we have been contact and use is very broad, there might have quite a few. In recent years with the development of smartphones, tablets and other fast, OTG cable home gradually into the scope of our daily use, so OTG and USB what is there to distinguish? USB cable is used to connect to smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices and computer communication, is used to transmit data and charge or take smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, connected to the computer as U disk after use. Usually the USB2. Zero feet with four pin VCC, DP +, DM 、GND。 Ordinary USB line similar to the following. OTG cable is not through the computer connection, smart phones, tablets, etc. Through OTG line can be with U disk, mouse, keyboard and other USB devices directly to find information, connect the application of the function such as mouse, keyboard, OTG cable biggest use is to extend the function of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The following is the reference OTG cable. OTG USB and the biggest difference is: when the USB connection is supplied by the computer. OTG cable to connect the smartphone, tablet, mobile devices, is powered by smartphones, tablets and other devices. On - is the full name of OTG - Go ongoing, OTG feet a 5 pin: VCC, DP +, DM - 、ID、GND。 Smartphones, tablets, currently on the market, such as not all devices support OTG. Comprehensive the above information, I believe everyone of OTG and USB2. 0 differences should be aware.
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