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OPPO and VIVO insist not to use (Type,c)Interface?

by:Richupon      2020-07-05
Why is everyone in use (Type,c) OPPO and VIVO insist on not using the type - C interface? This is because the standard MicoUSB data cable can only bear the current of 2 a, and OPPO in order to improve the mobile phone charging speed, designed a kind of 5 v / 4 a low voltage large current charging scheme, namely VOOC flash charging. To make by 4 a of current charging line, OPPO to redesign the cable material, and increased the two pins in standard MicroUSB specifications, and made a part of the current through this additional pins into a specially designed 8 pins batteries, to achieve the purpose of quick charge. When using VOOC was appliances to OPPO mobile phone charging, the charger internal chip will determine whether a device have an additional two pins, if there is the output of 4 a large current, if there is no standard current output is less than 2 a. That is to say, OPPO R15 VOOC flash charging cable can be used in their implementation on your mobile phone quick charge, can also be used in ordinary MicroUSB interface, on your mobile phone as the charging line of ordinary use. The OPPO always don't change the interface, mostly because OPPO mobile phone users are used in the past this trait VOOC flash charging cable. Such as OPPO R11 user after changing into R15, cable still can reuse of the old mobile phone, and don't have to buy separately. For old customers, instead of this one design is convenient. Moreover, the USB Type - C interface for is the biggest fast charge, and OPPO phone line using the trait of MicroUSB already can fast charge, why bother again? In fact and one that is close to the OPPO cell phone use is a USB Type - C interface, and a DASH of flash filling and OPPO VOOC all use the same kind of technology. That is to say, OPPO completely have the ability to make a USB Type - C charging interface, just consider the user experience and not willing to do so. But the latest release in vivo nex is to use the USB Type - C interface, believe to be published recently in the oppo phone also use the USB Type - C interface.
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