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Mobile phones use cable to connect the basic operations of a computer can surf the Internet

by:Richupon      2020-05-31
In our understanding, the main function of mobile phone data cable is the function of data transfer and charging. But with the rapid development of modern science and technology, has been able to use a mobile phone cable for the Internet. So how to use the headphone cables to surf the Internet? First of all, to determine the corresponding wireless mobile network operators have opened GPRS or CDMA. Second, the phone itself needs to have a built-in MODEM function, to support mobile data transmission function. Now most of the mobile phone support this function. In addition, also need to support mobile data and the corresponding software. These conditions are, and then by mobile phone cable to connect computers, and then on the computer does the following: system Settings - Wireless network - Binding and portable hot - Select the USB connection. And then we'll see more online neighbor position a new local connection, then open the broadband connection properties - Click the advanced - Check the connection sharing ( Allowed) — USB connection of the home network options. Finally, use a mobile phone to download a good BUSYBOX PRO software, according to the prompt operation can mobile phones and computers to share the Internet. To say the data cable is really brought our lives very convenient! Above is elegant and electronics to introduce, hope for your help.
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