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Mobile phone USB cable how should choose?

by:Richupon      2020-10-24
For mobile phone use frequently, choose a good mobile phone USB cable is very important. Because now we use smart phones are only a battery, a lot of cannot be replaced. So it is necessary to choose a good mobile phone USB cable, but a lot of USB cable is easy to broken. This has a lot of factors, such as the quality is bad, bad habits, improper use environment, not charging or charging very slow, and so on. So we want to buy a suitable for mobile phones using the USB cable, how should choose?
choose the mobile phone USB cable tip
now charging the mobile phone, all is the use of the USB data, and at the same time as the function of data transmission, the most by 2. 0 standards, data transfer rate can reach 480 MBPS, under such a high rate, cable with shield, the cross-sectional area of the wire to the corresponding increase in order to reduce the line resistance. Only when charging to the two cables plugged in the USB cable, and mobile phone battery capacity more and more big, the USB standard maximum output current of 500 ma is obviously can't meet the requirements of mobile phone quick charge, because the USB standard 500 ma current of the maximum output current to the mobile phone is very small, and at present most of mobile phone charging adapter I 1 a or 2 a output, conductor is also bold at the same time, the loss is small. Understand this, just know the reason why computer USB charging is slow.
so some people use 2 a charging adapter, also have different charging time? In fact, everyone ignored an important factor: USB cable problem! Due to differences in the quality of the USB line, some USB cable wires are very fine line resistance is big, charging when there are a lot of electricity consumption is early wire, waste, and lengthening the charging time.
the merits of the USB cable for charging the mobile phone effect is larger. So suggest that we must not use inferior cable charging, otherwise, the charging time is a waste of time, serious can cause interface heat damage to cell phone charging interface, serious still can cause safety accidents. The choose and buy is suitable for the mobile phone USB cable we use is very important. At the same time we also should pay attention to the usual habits, use the right way, or use non-standard can also lead to bad data cable.
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