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Mobile phone quick charge function is charging or data line of credit? The answer is very simple

by:Richupon      2020-11-01

you know, we are now in the pursuit of mobile phones is to more and more good-looking appearance, the fuselage to more and more thin, want to know, no matter how mobile phone collocation, have a certain choice, at the same time of mobile phones more do more frivolous, our capacity for the battery, will have to reduce a lot, which means that the battery life of mobile phones to a much lower, and the corresponding is, however, our daily demand for mobile phone is more and more.

so many mobile phone manufacturer for such phenomenon, for their own phone introduced the function of quick charge technology, 15 w, but no. 18 w, or even 20 w of quick charge technology, is in order to make mobile phone charging time becomes less, thus for mobile phone all day long life had a greater maintenance.

but in addition to the charging cable, now there is the emergence of wireless charging technology, can make us charging the mobile phone is more and more convenient, although it won't be too to consider the mobile phone of function, fast charging the mobile phone charge anyway, the consumption of fast doesn't hurt. But small make up have some doubts, which parts of the fall of quick charge exactly because the charger to major role? For that matter, small make up to get to know it.

came to the conclusion that the two are related, charging head, or a cable or, in the aspect of the function of fast food is the function of plays an important role, first of all, from the aspects of data cable, for instance, our daily does not support the fast charge function of the data line is mostly five core, this charge will be some slow, current transmission also has a certain amount.

I support quick charge function of the data cable, most of them are using seven core, and even more data cable, so that we can make the output power is bigger, but also can reduce the amount of time, in the process of current transmission is recharged with five thread before, but now with seven or more thread, natural filling quickly.

of course, there are a lot of people will find that using a five core, deserve to go up and then the original charge, charge is not slow, because we all know, the charger of the head of the main function is to control the direction and control voltage, increase the voltage too much, can increase the heat of the charger, the battery consumption will be relatively large, so for the life of the whole mobile phone is very unfriendly.

so now we use the fast charging head type, main USES is low voltage and high current model, but can greatly ensure the safety in the process of charging, either cable or charge head, are complementary to each other, but don't want to say why, should be the function of charging head more, he has a decisive role. But no matter how to say, in the process of charging, or to pay attention to use the original charger, after all, it will be more safe.

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