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Mobile phone need not when how should put

by:Richupon      2020-07-07
Mobile phones need not when how to put the screen down to 1, preventing dust and liquid on the touch screen mobile phone screen in easy to dust, in clean, to blow out dust will begin to clean, which increases the risk of scratching or the phone's screen protection film. In addition, on the phone's screen, accidentally spilled liquid to the phone's screen, which is called a heart. Especially with the oil soup is hard to deal with. So, mobile phone need not when, the screen down to a certain extent, to avoid some damage to environment and human. 2, prevent bump camera was scratched down the phone's screen, which can well protect the cell phone camera is not direct contact with the desktop. Many smartphone camera design are raised. Phone positive place, raised the camera close to the desktop, easy to scratch the camera from scratching, which affect the quality of pictures. 3, protect personal privacy when placed on the phone's face, from a phone call or message easily seen by others, may cause unnecessary trouble. In addition to the message, if there is no closed, alipay, bank APP might be exposed because of the front screen placed. 4, to prevent wrong operation such as accidentally run into cell phone dial telephone others; Clearly didn't open the camera, flash light is bright for a long time, and so on. So, the lower part, the phone's screen can very well to avoid some of the problems caused by touch screen by mistake. 5, let oneself more attentively, of course, mobile phone, when not in use screen at the lower part, there are also a lot of work. Less like the message of the phone's screen, you can focus more study and work. How do you put cellphone pockets? Mobile phones are essential things in our daily life, I go to take it. The cellphone pockets, charging interface put up or down? 1, charging interface because can avoid a pocket on the soot formation, cotton, metal debris ran to the charging interface, charging lead to poor contact, such as short circuit problem. 2, against the legs because stick legs put the phone's screen, the screen can be avoided by external metal, table Angle encounter. In addition, stick legs put the phone's screen, which can effectively avoid the battery leg burns resulting from the burning of hidden dangers.
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