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Mobile phone data line charging can not only transfer data

by:Richupon      2020-10-27
Appeared in the process of using mobile phone cable can only charge not transmit data, so what was the reason for the appear this kind of circumstance? Small make up take you know about the usb cable manufacturer.

the first thing to determine what type of your mobile phone, use what operating system, generally in cell phone use is mentioned in the manual, also can find corresponding instructions on the Internet. You search to know.

on: press the

if the phone is a smart system, is part of the cell phone on the data cable, need to be done in the mobile phone USB data connection manually, can succeed in mobile phone and computer data interconnection. Some mobile phone installed with the mobile phone also need to advance with the inside of the driven disc management software before the connection is successful. If the phone is intelligent system, most of you just need to connected to the cable, a small number of cell phone need to install beforehand good note-taking attached to the application management software.

three reasons please exclude

1, the computer usb port power supply shortage, lead to can't identify, or driver is not installed, or your Windows operating system is a simplified lacks necessary components. If no problem before suddenly appear problem, should not operating system.

2, mobile phone usb port internal virtual welding or loose lead to poor contact or damage.

3, cable, using the method, if the maintenance cost is going to take a few dollars, problems of mobile phone usb port, cost is also a few pieces, it can't buy the root of our headphone cables.
use cable need to avoid the operation of the

the first pull, not rough type

the well-known mobile phone data line visible part of the main circuit and interface connected to the phone, but in the interior of the cable material composition and the corresponding lines. If owners need to mobile phone data cable when the plug is too rough, may produce damage to internal wiring, so during use to avoid rough type to pull or plug.

second, idle when need to pull out socket and natural put

there are a large part of the owners have the habit of mobile phones on the cable, plug in the socket for a long time, but if in the case of cable need not continue to plug in the socket above its internal components may be aging. So when idle when the headphone cables should be timely to pull away from the socket, at the same time should also put cable nature in those place away from heat source.

third, carried out in accordance with the instructions to use the

when buying any products are included with the operating instructions, phone cable, the cable products also have the instructions. But there are a lot of owner are thought known as control process of the data line and not to read the instructions, in fact there are a lot of owner are not know the details of a cable to use problems made cable from unnecessary damage.
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