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Mobile phone charging cable should pay attention to what matters?

by:Richupon      2020-10-25
Mobile phone cable is needed as a mobile phone charging, is often used. But in daily life we often do not pay attention to the data line is broken, especially the use of bad habits, data line is broken again, quality is bad or something. Cable factory to tell you, the mobile phone charging cable considerations are important, these tools can make your life extension cable.
data cable of mobile phone charging cable for mobile phone charging, with original original cable is good, the third party because do not have a unified standard, so there is a big difference. Especially hold most of the data cable with poor quality, the material is bad, it's easy to bad or cause cell phone fault, try to use authentic guaranteed data line.
phone cable for charging the mobile phone for a long time, good quality cable, if the phone cable quality is bad overcharge it is easy to cause the battery heat, make the standby time of the battery, severe explosion hazard. So the quality is bad, don't use the usb data cable. If the phone is full of power cable pulled out.
when cell phone data cables to charge their phone as far as possible don't play mobile phone while charging, charging with usb data cable, so the battery is in a state of charge and discharge, has been in a load operation, reduces the cell phone battery life, so don't play with mobile phones, as far as possible when charging a full charge with usb data cable in use.
data line after a full charge, don't pull a line body is pulled out, with the hand holding the two ends of the cable plug parts, so to avoid wire and terminal plug parts due to too hard or pull off by accident. Add a or in the interface of the data line parts heat shrinkable tube, can very good protection data line is not bad.
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