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Mobile phone cable so durable!

by:Richupon      2020-10-31

headphone cables in our daily life has become an indispensable part of, but you really understand this line for almost every day? Small make up today will give you a detailed analysis from the aspects of material inside the small mobile phone data line of the university asked.

as an ordinary consumer to cable material intuitive feelings is this wire is a little hard, or is a little soft, feel is good, but in fact this different feel represent a cable outer material is the outermost layer of the data line, cable, though currently on the market variety, but outside of the beatles material outside is TPE, PVC, knitting line these three materials.

with the material of PVC material is most commonly used data line, it has no flammability, high strength, good resistance to climate change and the geometric stability.

we all know that even the original apple cable used long also can appear detonation skin, so want to use a line in the new phone is difficult. But fortunately, the product has been a new, more folding durable woven wire cable arises at the historic moment. Woven wire qualitative data line mostly USES is nylon material, known as nylon is one of the types of clothing material, so the wearing material the braided wire the folding resistance and durability of the data cable nature is higher than the PVC and TPE material.

however, fortunately, the third party accessories, have gradually started to launch the material data line, and become delicate but not just appearance. One of the most representative products are woven nylon cable. Using aluminum alloy material nylon thread to do braid, makes the whole thread connect body to a dazzling brilliance, under the weak light indoors is also easy to find it.

woven nylon cable appearance not only absorb eyes, strong and easy to bend, also very beautiful and beautiful style, and the power to be reckoned with same. Data lines and the nylon weave, the other three times in joint molding process reinforcement, can withstand the pull of the more than 10000 times, how do you want to pull you. It can be more durable, it is important to the cable interface and durable - — Plug is not damage, prolong the service life; Security shunt - — Security charge but filling, not hot!

on the whole, as a data cable, type - C - cable manufacturer Woven nylon cable is very conscience, do the pulling resistance so high quality, durable, not only has the USB interface perfect details, if change the cable, it must be a first choice.

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